Saturday, June 20, 2009

Website update in process

Well, the video ad editing by is nearly complete, so today was the day to upgrade the website version and upload all the items I have photographed. That is turning into a major disaster. So now I have to wait for their tech support person to get back to me, which is why I shouldn't try this on a Saturday. Maybe I can print thumbnails of fabrics and fill out the important details, in a spreadsheet even, so when I can get back to it, I can do lots of cut and paste. Sounds like a good use of time that is otherwise filled with grumbling and nail biting.

Have created some new items, but I haven't taken pictures of them yet, so I can't post them here. I did order more PFD fabrics from Robert Kaufman, and should see them in about 10 days. Before they show, I will be getting another order from Pro Chemical & Dye - new dyes for cotton and polyester. I hope to make some fabrics for garment sewers that won't need as much ironing, and will be unique. And I'm dreaming and scheming about the next new process, but have to pay for:
Quilt Show booth fee - I'm going to be at the show at Oaks in September
Fabrics & Dyes I just purchased
Tech support for the $%#%(@ website shopping cart software

On a positive note, I will have enough white and black stuff to keep me busy all summer. No excuse not to have enough inventory in September. Hope to see you there! - Lisa

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Idle thoughts

Hi - had a couple nice emails from Kit Vincent, textile artist (for real). Wandering around her blog and ran across the following posts that I'd like to share: Scroll down a bit on this page to see the GIF animation.

Now I need to go check out my niece's blog, to see how that's going. Possibly get some studio work in later this month - sooner would be better by far!

Go Phillies! (Sorry)