Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Making changes

A fabric I thought was amazing, and so did someone in New Jersey!
Well, I've been thinking about the business of DippyDyes a lot recently. That's because of the coaching, and a side trip learning about 'My Why'. There seems to me that there's a lot of overlap between the why and a mission statement, so here's what that looks like as of today (updated 10/30/14):
As DippyDyes, I promise to make amazing hand-dyed fabrics for you that I’d love to keep for myself. (Sometimes I wave goodbye to my fabrics when they find a new home.) I will make unique fabrics that will speak to you, that fulfill your wildest fabric dreams, that are colorfast and made of the highest quality greige goods available, and that you’ll be proud to incorporate in your own amazing work. I’m crazy nuts about dyeing and because I really enjoy all the steps in the processes I use, it makes me happy to make these creations for you.
Thanks very much for looking - it would be great to hear what you think! - Lisa

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Class preparation

Well, there are just under four months to go before my “No Muss*, No Fuss” thickened dye exploration class at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and Quilt Fest of New Jersey. I’ve been busy making samples and taking photographs AND planning what each workstation will contain. I will also be offering kits so you don’t have to pack your own supplies, which adds a whole new wrinkle. They need to be packed by February 1, or earlier if you ask hubby! So here are some photos to give you an idea of what you’ll be working on if you can join us.

Lots of techniques will be sampled.

A color sampler monoprint.

Screen printing.

Printed tree fabric.

Ready to spread dye through the screen.

Two examples of stamps.

Spreading dye with a scraper.

Stamping in action.
*Did you know that ‘muss’ is really a word? I didn’t. It is, among other definitions, a synonym for mess, or ‘a state of disorder.’ Well, there will doubtless be disorder in the classroom, but then that’s why I’m working on creating order this early!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fun with fulfillment

As you may know, I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for business coaching from Morna McEver Golletz, founder of the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals. Most of those wonderful people who pledged received fabric in some form – with two to go. Three others elected to come to the studio to learn about dyeing. Here’s what Candy created in 5 days of work:


She made a painted screen to print her Kandinsky tree, and dyed yardage to go with it for a quilt. Plus, working in the same color family, she dyed yardage for garment construction. And we made a road trip to Echo Hill for goodies, and to a feed store for salt to use for solids.

On Saturday we headed down to Philadelphia to the craft show on Rittenhouse Square. Chilly, but I got to see Rachel’s booth, and made some other contacts. And – small world – one of those also works with Kathryn Conover, the bridal couturier I’ve been doing some dyeing for.

Sunday Candy headed home, and I took the day off, mostly. Then on Monday Gail came for the day, and had her own personal dye boot camp. Here are some pictures of her newly-rinsed fabrics:



In addition to the four techniques shown (pole wrap, direct application over print paste as a resist, folded and poured from my favorite Ann Johnston recipe, and folded, clamped resist) Gail also did some low-water immersion pieces. If you can get here to my third floor studio in Red Hill, PA, you can spend a dye day with Lisa working on a technique(s) of your choice.

Now I have one more student to schedule, and two folks who want yardage dyed. And my big project for the next month or so is getting ready for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA in February, followed by the Quilt Fest of New Jersey in March. I’ll be debuting a new class there – working with thickened dyes. More details later!