Monday, July 23, 2012

New and clearance items on website

Well, I've been updating the website and have posted a total of 15 new items, and moved several pieces of fabric and some odds and ends to the clearance page.
Here's one of the new items - it's discharged Kona.
And here is one of the clearance items - discharged and overdyed black Radiance.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another polyester experiment

Here’s a picture of a piece of polyester double georgette that I dyed with disperse dyes. It was an experiment, and technically it’s not my best work. Even so, it’s really neat.Poly georgette transfer print - click to shop

The whole piece is 58” wide and two yards long. I applied disperse dyes to a cotton gauze which was hung up to dry. That’s what created the chevron effect in light and dark greys. The finished fabric itself is flat. Then I had to affix the gauze to the polyester, and I tried a light coat of spray adhesive. Then the whole piece was heat pressed. That accounts for the rectangles – it’s the size of the heat press surface. White areas are spots I missed, and darker straight lines are where I pressed the same area twice.

Next time I have a better idea of how to adhere the two fabrics together before I heat press them. I will try using print paste as an adhesive. I’m not sure how to resolve the problem of the missed and double-pressed area. Maybe layout lines on the back.

This fabric and four others have been added to the DippyDyes website. My day job is a little dry right now, so I have to use my time profitably, even if it means NOT dyeing stuff. The goal is five per day. Thanks!