Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick picture of discharged shibori


This is a piece of Testfabrics black broadcloth that I discharged with Thiox and over-dyed with MX. It was folded in half and wrapped around a pipe, then bound with thread. I’d love to do this again with a really sheer fabric.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shibori patterns on polyester, take 1

As long as I had the dye out, I decided to try a little reverse dyeing experiment. (Hey, we call it reverse sewing, right?) I put disperse dye on the cloth, let it dry, then bound it and rinsed it with the sprayer hose. Here’s the fabric with the dye on it, after manipulating and before heat processing:
No thickeners of any kind were used with the dye. This piece also appears in the first photo next to the colander. And here’s a picture of it after heat-pressing, washing out and ironing:
The color shift is awesome, huh? And a detail from the top edge, left of center:
I like it – it’s fairly subtle patterning, but so not-solid. What do you think? Thanks.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Marks from holes

Here are two quick pictures of my little swatch and the colander that made the marks:

P4090007This picture shows the piece, which started out a coral color, in the colander, plus another piece that started white drying next to it. Both are dyed with turquoise.

The second picture shows the sample after heat pressing with the colander P4090009in the background. I really am not fond of turquoise & coral together, but the hole pattern is really neat.

The large piece in the upper picture is  an experiment that is still in process. I will post pictures when it’s done. Thanks for looking!

Off to Cincinnati in June

I’m trying a new-to-me show with ‘The Original Creative Festival’ in Cincinnati. I’ll be in booth 106, as of this writing, and I am going to be introducing some new fabrics for garment sewers, as well as my snow-dyed and discharged fabrics, polyesters and wool roving. And I will be teaching ‘Dye Boot Camp’ again – come and join the fun!