Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to work!

So much has been going on since returning from Lancaster. Tonight I have started updating my website, - updating the calendar, adding products and classes, and remembering how to work the program. In the studio, the heat press has arrived, so I have started processing some Nu-suede yardage. (Pictures coming soon.) That fabric was very popular at Lancaster, especially, and I need to dye lots of it and the poly-cotton blend to sell at the Chantilly, VA show, which attracts garment sewers as well as quilters. I'm looking at adding polyester scarves to dye and sell, and have been trying to dye polyester fiber for felting, with mixed results. Have done a little experimenting with devoré, and some discharge work as well. Also, I have a couple speaking engagements this spring and summer, and I've been asked to write an article about snow dyeing for American Quilter! Here's a link to the calendar page - hope y'all can come see me sometime. Now I must go work on a sample!