Friday, July 31, 2009

What I learned at the Hershey Show

Went to the Hershey, PA show as an attendee and tried to learn more about this crazy business. Took notes, and took some photos to share with the ladies at Quilters' Remedy. We're both going to be selling at the PA National Quilt Extravaganza in Oaks in September. The more good ideas we can get, the better! Hope we'll see you there!

Pods for fabric bolts, with handle cutouts to make them easier to carry.

Halogen track lights with goose necks. Problem with these is how to mount them if you don't have overhead bars.

Overview of a booth with great antique quilts, and a good view of the use of skirt hangers. Booths at this show are 8' deep.


Judi said...

That 2 foot sure makes a big difference in the size of your booth. Good Luck at the shows you vend at.

Lisa from DippyDyes said...

Hi Judi - thanks for the encouragement! Well all need as much as we can get, I think. - Lisa

Jeanne Marklin said...

The lights with the goose necks are okay if you aren't putting things up on shelves - but if customers have to look upwards, those kinds of lamps seem to shine right in your eyes. Maybe there are lights with something that spreads the light more? Good for you for going for it!

Lisa from DippyDyes said...

Thanks, Jeanne - went with floor lamps with compact fluorescent bulbs. Nice and bright, but the kill the eyes! I have a quilt with beads on it, and a raking light looks awesome, BUT, maybe I can shield them some way . . . Remember the shades that clip onto the bulb? The lights have generated both compliments from visitors and complaints from adjacent vendors.

Jeanne Marklin said...

Look into a lighting store for a scrim or might work