Thursday, March 24, 2011

Catching up and moving on

Excited tonight (Monday) about going to class with Elin Noble, but still pooped from the Lancaster show. Taking the camera and hope to record every instant of class (ha!). I do plan to make some entries here for anyone who is interested.

OK, it’s now Thursday night, March 24. We’ve had two days of class so far, and it’s getting more interesting all the time. I have fabric to prepare tonight, so I’m going straight to the photos! I’m putting text on each that appears when you hover the cursor over the picture.

Detail of Elin's work

Drawing up lines of stitching

Glorious fabric samples

An anchoring point for tyeing

My braided snow-dye

Some of the day's work


Vicki W said...

Oh how I wish......

DyeSmithy said...

I'd love to see and hear more! Thanks for sharing.