Saturday, December 28, 2013

From spoiled to productive

OK, my sister spoils me at Christmas every year, and I’m so thankful. Last year she gave me a check to use towards the dye painting class I took at Pro Chem. This year I am going to skip going to a class and start saving for 2015, and my sister got me a load of surface design books – Dyes & Paints by Elin Noble, Screen Printing by Benn & Morgan, Finding Your Own Visual Language by Dunnewold, Benn & Morgan and Color by Design by Ann Johnston. And my niece gave me a gift certificate to Dharma Trading , so I can add to that list of books, or buy garments to dye/discharge/do design work on. Decisions, decisions.

So I have been working on some of the exercises from ‘Visual Language’ and have created a hand-painted stencil  to use with a silk screen. Here’s a picture of the first three prints I pulled through it.
And this is a detail of the first print I pulled, showing the moiré effect created by printing through two layers of sheer cloth. That alone is an exciting discovery, I think.


queenopearls said...

Oh Lisa, that screen print is WONDERFUL!! I have no idea how you created the design. The print offers SO many layering possibilities.
And your Christmas presents are GREAT! Here’s to a fun and creative New Year!
~ Christina in Cleveland

Rachel L said...

Wow, Lisa. This is a knockout. Best thing I have seen all winter. Thank you!

Windy Hill Happenings said...

It's absolutely interesting...think you'll find lots of ways to use it.

Lisa from DippyDyes said...

Ladies – thank you so much! I was really wowed by the Benn & Morgan Screen printing book. Well worth reading, buying, and getting as a gift.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Gorgeous! I'm hoping to dye some fabrics and play with some stencils and paints this winter...GREAT tip about screening through the two layers of sheers!

artisoo said...

great detail!